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Test Course for On-line Enrolment Simulation

This course is a testing course for new onCourse customers who would like to walk through the online enrolment process from a student perspective. You can enrol in this free course, working through the steps of selecting a class from the list of options below, entering your contact details (be sure you include a valid email address so you can receive your enrolment confirmation), enrolling and then logging in a student to see for yourself what services are available in the student portal.h2. After enrollingReturn to this site to trial the student login. Click on the link to the right to login, enter your name and email address (as provided on enrolment) to be sent your login password.Once you have logged in, you can see the same information as any student enrolling in any college’s class via onCourse.h2. Trialling a tutor log inIf you would also like to trial a tutor login, please send an email with your contact details and we will set up a test login for you.